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Kefah Ali Almuntheri
Health and Social Care
I was born in 1995, I studied and graduated from Fatima College for Health Science (FCHS), operates under ACTVET’s umbrella. FCHS with its state of the art facility and programs allowed me a great training opportunity while I was preparing myself for participation in the Health and Social Care competition at the World Skills Competition Abu Dhabi 2017. Ms. Asma Al Masmari, a Charge Nurse working at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and the UAE Expert at WorldSkills was my trainer and coach during my training journey; she prepared me for a tough competition against 15 competitors from different countries. I was proud of my performance at the competition. I was able to examine and assess a medical case, define the treatment needs and provide a medical care plan built based on the provided medical reports and tests results. I aim to peruse advancement in my nursing career and continue to be a role model for my fellow Emirati nurses in order to achieve Emiratization in this vital and important sector of Nursing.
15/05/2024 09:10:27 AM
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