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Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology

"The Fashion Technology practitioner designs and creates garments based on an understanding of aesthetics and a strong foundation of technical skills including design, pattern making, and use of specialized equipment for pattern making, cutting and  manufacture. There is a wide range of practice - from high fashion or bespoke garments to prototyping for mass production and retail. In all cases, the most successful in this field will have a passion for and understanding of global fashion trends and consumer requirements.

Because fabrics are often expensive, delicate and can be easily damaged or handled incorrectly, the practitioner must be respectful of the properties of raw materials, including knowledge of the ethics and sustainability around materials sourcing, purchasing, handling, and storage. Budgets are all serious considerations in this field.

The design of a garment requires innovation, creativity, and artistic and design talents that incorporate both aesthetics and practicalities. The practitioner applies the theory and principles of design and competition as well as detailed and precise technique.

Understanding a client’s passion and expectation for a distinctive “look”, as well as assessing the attributes of a particular client is critical. The client will have high expectations of the designer; will place a high degree of trust in them; and will count on the “eye” and skill of the practitioner to create something uniquely, individually beautiful."

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