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Plastering and Drywall Systems

Plastering and Drywall Systems

Traditional plastering involves the careful preparation of an internal or external background for application or repair of a plaster surface. In addition to working with flat surfaces, the skilled plasterer will create and install decorative mouldings and details. Much modern internal work uses drywall systems involving the plasterer in creating complex metal frames and installing plasterboard before application on the final surface. Preparation for plastering work includes complex mathematical calculations; understanding specifications describing the work required; and being able to convert plans into reality with accuracy, care, attention to detail, and finished aesthetic.

The plasterer may work on projects of varying size and complexity, including single domestic or commercial premises, historic buildings and heritage sites. Much plastering work on larger sites is sub-contracted; so, self-employed plasterers will need knowledge and skills in business management, finance and regulations, and standards governing the profession.

Because of the various types of materials used in Plastering and Drywall Systems; the expert and environmentally aware plasterer will take care to prevent injury or damage in use or disposal of waste.

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