Skill Details

Close your eyes and imagine the sight, smell, and pleasure of enjoying the product of skilled bakers! The baker is a highly skilled professional who produces a wide range of bread and pastry items such as instant breads, sweet dough, rye breads, croissants, brioche, artisan breads, and puff pastry products commercially. Years of training and a high degree of specialist knowledge and skill is required, and the expert baker will be proficient in wide range of specialist techniques, tools and equipment to mix, process and bake the variety of breads needed. Artistic talent and attention to detail are required alongside the ability to work effectively and economically in order to achieve outstanding results within set timeframes. Bakers must have a good understanding of reformulating recipes and adapting to changing environments and tastes. The professional baker appreciates the quality of their ingredients, and respects those ingredients working to high levels of food hygiene and safety. Specialist bakers may work in high quality hotels, smaller country bakeries or specialised bakeries. It is often the case that specialist retail shops display and sell hand-made and decorated pastry products, artisan breads and decorative dough, which are prepared using the skills of a specialist baker to tempt us all. Yum!

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