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Car Painting

Car Painting

Car painters (refinishers) are responsible for reinstating the pre-accident paint colour and finish to vehicles after the panels, structure, or entire car have been repaired or replaced. Car painting requires professionals to refinish a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, composite materials or wood.

Car painters prepare surfaces to receive paint, which may involve making minor repairs; then, they apply undercoats, colour coats and sealant coats which provide the high gloss levels required. They may be required to identify a colour code using various methods, mix the colour to pre-determined formula and spray test cards to test the suitability of this colour match to the original colour and shade. Typically they will apply paints inside an enclosed spray booth in order to protect the environment.

Often, a car painter works on several vehicles at one time, requiring a keen awareness of overall schedule as well as the time it takes to apply and dry individual coats and finishes.

Car painters have opportunities to work on passenger cars, high-performance racing cars, high-price and unique vintage and classic vehicles, commercial vehicles, and even trains, aeroplanes, static structures, or furniture.

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